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To register or modify your registration, go to  "Registration"

-- If you already have an account on hal/scienceconf you can identify yourself and thus retrieve your personal information (name, affiliation...)

-- otherwise, your account will be created (some personal informationis then required)

Please choose the adequate type of registration (in case of doubt, we may ask you some complementary information)

  Before June 8th After June 9th 2019 lunch


Accompanying person

100 Euros 150 Euros +30 euros
(Doctorat après le 01/01/2016)
150 Euros 200 Euros +60 euros
Autre 250 Euros 300 Euros +60 euros


as well as other information we need

If your paper has been accepted, please provide us the EDAS number. If you are the speaker, please do so as well (cross checking and time saving for us)

You will then be redirected to paybox for the final paiement. Paiement is by creditcard only. Under exceptional circumstances, we may accept paiement by cash at the registration desc. Please contact us early if you can't pay by credit card.

Thank you for your participation at SampTA

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